Vision for the National Training Library for APS and Elder Abuse


In 2001, on behalf of the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) conducted a survey of state Adult Protective Service (APS) training activities  The survey was funded by a grant from the U.S. Administration on Aging.  In response to the survey, state APS programs reported having a wide range of unmet training needs, from basic interviewing skills to ethical dilemmas and decision-making.  While some states did have basic curricula, many indicated that they lacked sufficient funding to develop quality training materials that reflected current practice. 

NCEA also collected reviews of promising practices in elder abuse including information on training materials and projects.  These reviews were published on the NCEA website.  However, NCEA did not collect the actual materials.  Many were hard copies of printed materials, videos, audio tapes or Power Point presentations not available online.  They were also scattered across the country, making them difficult to access.

The NCEA partner organizations concluded that NAPSA should collect actual training materials developed by state and local APS and elder abuse programs from 1990 to the present.  These materials will become part of a NCEA national library housed at the NAPSA office.  One of the strengths that NAPSA members bring to the NCEA is their willingness to supplement their scarce resources by sharing information and expertise.  The development of this national resource library is an important step in continuing the NAPSA culture of sharing.  The goals of the library include identifying existing training materials, providing standardized descriptions of them and making them available to trainers, as well as documenting gaps in existing training resources.

A Descriptive Index of Library Materials

By having copies of a wide variety of materials readily available for loan, APS professionals and those in the aging network can make the best use of their own limited resources and also have access to quality training information.  In order for the library materials to be most useful, NAPSA has contracted with the REFT Institute, Inc., to provide standardized written descriptions of everything that is submitted.

Information contained in the index includes:

Copies of the descriptions will be provided to the contributors and will also be available electronically on the NCEA website.  Trainers are encouraged to review the descriptions and use them to request relevant training materials for loan.  Requests may be made online, by fax or phone.

How to Submit Materials

NCEA, NAPSA and REFT recognize that many materials have been developed with limited resources that affect their quality and/or completeness.  However, no matter how simple or modest the product, it may be valuable to someone else.  Any APS or Aging Services professional who has documents, video or audio tapes, PowerPoint presentations, or other training information relevant to elder abuse and Adult Protective Services is encouraged to send two copies to:

Jeanne Hughes Teske
REFT Institute, Inc.

897 E. Panama Dr., Suite 404
Centennial, CO 80121
Tel. 303.347.1498, Fax 303.795.7150

Receipt of all materials will be acknowledged. Permission for use and/or evaluation will be obtained in all cases.